1876 1876 − Foundation of the Manz company in Lauenscheiderohl. Manufacturing of window buttons and top light fittings.

1890 1890 − Moving to the district Klagebach. Due to the significantly expanded production facilities were added to the existing manufacturing smaller forgings of all kinds.

1906 1906 − Wilhelm Manz took over the business. First use of an electric motor to drive the machines. Since then be made ​​with eccentric presses stampings for all industries.

1938 1938 − William Manz joins the company. In particular, tool bags for bicycles and mopeds are manufactured and metal parts for everyday use.

1964 1964 − Rolf Börner takes over the management. The facility is enlarged and extended with hydraulic presses.

1990 1990 − Move the whole company to the location Ramsloh. There are 4500 square meters production to disposal now.

1995 1995 − Peter Lux joins the company and takes over the commercial management two years later .

1998 1998 − Ken Börner joins the company as a managing partner.

2004 2004 − The production area is doubled to almost 8,000 square meters. At the same time even large transfer presses are used.

2008 2008 − To stay on the technical state of things, the first servo press is purchased. In addition, there is a new production area "discus loops" is used.

2010 2010 − Enhancement in terms of area and manpower of our in-house tool shop in connection with the extension of our wire eroding & and machining center.

2015 2015 − Expansion of the location Ramsloh with a new distribution center of around 3500 square meters. Overall Wilhelm Manz GmbH & Co. KG has a production area of around 11500 square meters.

2017 2017 − Successful implementation of the international Quality Management System IATF 16949 as one of the first national companies.

2018 2018 − Due to the ambitious expectations of the market, a new 800 ton high performance servo press is launched. Herewith the company is able to produce complex geometries in an economic way.

2019 2019 − Extension of the quality assurance by the adoption of an optical 3D Scanner (ATOS Core).


All about the business

Wilhelm Manz GmbH & Co. KG was founded at Schalksmühle in 1876. Since that time we have been supplying our innovative products to different sectors of industry worldwide. We take a flexible approach in developing your product from the idea to its start of production.

Our business activity is geared towards earning power. We always pay attention to a best quality and continuity in our work. We will be pleased to come up with the right solution for a specific product of your customer.

All business divisions participate in the process of continuous improvement. MANZ offers state-of-the-art technology, strategic investments, and a service that accommodates customers’ requests. This is how we envisage a successful cooperation from now on.

The people at Manz

The people at Manz

Know how – today and tomorrow

We train our personnel. This may be done by way of simple instructions, qualification or further training. All promotion has the sole purpose of obtaining an optimum harmonization between man and workplace. We consider this the only way to offer our customers the best possible solution for their product to be produced.

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Training is a motivator for the individual person working for us. A production regularly in compliance with all quality requirements in the final consequence will be cost-effective from a management point of view. At the moment we have 151 employees and we are always trying to secure this number and extend it.

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Modernisierung und Effizienzsteigerung

Wir investieren in die Zukunft bzgl. Modernisierung und Effizienzsteigerung in eine moderne Stanzanlage. Das Projekt wird gefördert vom Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie. Unterstützt werden wir bei dieser Maßnahme durch die Effizienz-Agentur NRW

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Continuous development

Continuous development It is our intention to continue offering you the best production environment for the manufacture of your product. An optimal result is very important to us as it allows you to be satisfied with our work. This is why we try to improve our processes and techniques every day.

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Quality and environment

Environment We use products, which are ecologically desirable. We make the best possible use of the materials we process. This includes both process optimisation and waste disposal in accordance with regulations.

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